Multimedia systems

Grab the attention of your customers!

Optional hardware elements

Our information terminals and large-size LCD displays allow you to communicate easily with your customers or buyers. Our assortment of products includes durable models that have been tested many times and enable our clients to build their optimal multimedia systems.

Information terminals

Information terminals

Information terminals are terminals with interactive functions made possible by touchscreen and built-in computer that can run any selected websites or applications.



LCD displays in various sizes that enable the presentation of any contents in branches or shop windows.

Focusing on display and interaction

Optional software elements

The software developed by MULTIMEX allow you to upload contents to your displays, compile the most appropriate contents for your customers or buyers and to receive valuable feedback.

Q-MONITOR multimedia system

Edit and present your contents on LCD displays in an easy way, including currency exchange rates, news, images or commercials.

Q-FEEDBACK customer satisfaction survey system

Ask for feedback from your customers via the provided interactive device (tablet, all-in-one PC, information terminal). With our application you can select the questions and edit the front-end interface according to your needs.

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