Queueing systems

System components

Optional hardware elements

The range of our products includes all necessary elements of queueing systems, from ticket kiosks to displays and accessories. We put special emphasis on the quality of the equipment we distribute, but at the same time, we are committed to provide our clients with hardware of excellent cost/value ratio that is supplied from our permanent stock.

Wireless calling solution

Wireless calling solution

Simple calling solution, pager solution and display solution.

Ticket machines

Ticket kiosks

Desktop, push-button, touchscreen or enhanced accessibility models for the disabled.



Main and counter displays in 7-segment and LCD versions, different sizes and colours, custom display systems.

Queue management terminals

Counter terminals

Traditional counter terminals for workstations without computers.

Customer Feedback Terminal

Customer Feedback Terminal

Customer feedback function, web based terminals with touch screen.



Peripherals (card and bar code readers, keyboards), enhanced accessibility solutions for the disabled.

Controlling our systems

Optional software elements

Our proprietary systems are based on state-of-the-art technology to satisfy our clients' operational and IT needs. In addition to complete functionality, we understand the importance of user-friendly and easy-to-learn interfaces.


A cost-effective, yet extremely useful solution for small-scale branches, where basic queueing management processes suffice.


The "control room" of the branch with the option to connect up to several hundred offices. It manages basic queueing management tasks at the local level, and its main interface allows for the execution of various administrative and configuration tasks, as well as browsing real-time data and statistics.

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