System integration

The purpose of integration is always to provide users with solutions of higher quality that are the synergy of cooperation between our solutions and external systems and applications.

A few examples of successful system integration:

  • Integration of queueing system - enterprise resource planning system (e.g. SAP)
  • Integration of queueing system – third-party appointment scheduling system (e.g. the central appointment scheduling system of the national network of "Government Windows"; custom developed appointment scheduling systems in the financial sector (e.g. IBM and WSH systems) and the public utility sector (e.g. WSH system)
  • Integration of queueing system - hardware-based display system (e.g. TELE-LUX system)
  • Integration of patient management system - medical systems (including all the major Hungarian medical systems, such as T-Systems, Globenet, Enterprise, Meditcom, BSI, Hospitaly, Kardirex, Infomix, Progmed)
  • Integration of patient management system - pharmacy system (including all the major Hungarian pharmacy systems, such as NOVODATA, Lx-Line, Quadro Byte)

As shown by the above successful integrations implemented in various areas, our company has significant experience in this field. Nonetheless, the successful execution of a task is always conditioned on the contribution of the other party to be integrated. Accordingly, during the project, we undertake to lead negotiations with the party to be integrated and to draft budget and development plans for the project in question.

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