System design, consultation, implementation

We have often seen that clients begin the implementation of their queueing system without paying sufficient attention to planning. Therefore, the designed and installed systems do not reflect the clients` actual needs, and in many cases, turn out to be unusable. Many times, the available budget is not taken into account during planning and therefore some systems are implemented in a less than optimal quality -if they are completed at all- because of limited financial resources.

Trust our experience of more than 25 years in the industry. Contract us to design your system, from kick-start through project implementation to delivery!

Our experts can provide useful assistance in the following stages:

  • preliminary consultation (consultation with the end-user is the first step of designing the system during which the final goals are set)
  • preliminary cost and configuration planning (specification of the minimum configuration with optional items, based on the available budget, in order to reach the goals set)
  • preparation of the as-built plan (drawing up low and high current plans based on the selected configuration thereby supporting the work of designers and contractors)
  • professional implementation of the systems, project management (professional implementation of the systems based on the –as-built plan or the coordination of the implementation process)
  • delivery of the completed systems, documentation, training

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