Software development

As in previous years and also in the future we intend to focus on software and applications that were developed by our company. These applications make it possible for the queueing and multimedia systems of our clients to operate smoothly and integrate into the internal processes of clients, thereby ensuring that the set objectives are achieved.

Examples of our proprietary software

Q-FUSION integrated CFM system:

  • Q-FUSION queueing module
  • Q-MONITOR multimedia module
  • Q-TIMER appointment scheduling module
  • Q-FEEDBACK customer satisfaction survey module

Our offers also include: modification of proprietary software according to custom needs, addition of supplementary functions, integration with other systems, as well as the development of entirely new applications.

After preliminary needs assessment, we give fix quotes to clients. This allows us to avoid questionable hourly billing, which could lead to the multiplication of costs by the time the project is completed.

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