Improved patient management at the laboratory of the Kanizsai Dorottya Hospital

2016.06.24Author: Multimex

The Kanizsai Dorottya Hospital received public funding to replace its obsolete patient management system in the central laboratory. The crowd of patients forming long queues at the laboratory every morning posed a major challenge for the hospital. Go to the article »

Integrated branch in Buda with the Q-FUSION integrated CFM system

2016.06.24Author: Multimex

In the summer of 2015, a new, integrated branch was opened in Fő utca Buda, where residents can access the services of multiple Budapest-based public utility companies. Go to the article »

State-of-the-art queue management solutions at MÁV (Hungarian Railways) points of sale

2016.06.24Author: Multimex

Our long-term loyal client, MÁV Start Zrt. is committed to introducing new customer management technologies. Accordingly, within the framework of a mid-year project, modernisation works at 3 of its railway stations were carried out. Go to the article »

Enhanced accessibility solutions for the disabled at the branches of the N.O.R & S.A

2016.06.24Author: vergil

In the spirit of accessibility for all, the National Office for Rehabilitation and Social Affairs has used EU grants to renovate its county branches. Go to the article »

10 weeks, 256 new Q-FUSION systems installed in the Hungarian “Government Windows” network

2016.06.24Author: vergil

Upon the request of the Prime Minister's Office, the Office of Public Administration and Justice announced a public procurement procedure within the framework of the EKOP-2.1.23 tender for the supply of queueing systems to the more than 250 "Government Windows" opening throughout Hungary. Go to the article »

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