Amid constantly increasing competition in the telecommunication sector, all companies strive to provide the best possible service to customers. The design of branches and their atmosphere are important factors in customer decisions.

MULTIMEX offers the following main solutions in the telecommunication sector

  • comfortable waiting and service environment through the Q-FUSION system
  • wide range of online information and statistics for the management through the Q-FUSION system
  • efficient means for providing information to cutomers and displaying advertisements on LCD monitors and interactive devices using the Q-MONITOR module
  • survey and processing of customer feedback using the Q-FEEDBACK module
  • integrated solutions with front-end systems
  • custom CFM solutions, tailored to client needs

Our solutions are applied by the following telecom companies

  • Antenna Hungária
  • DIGI
  • Magyar Telekom
  • Telenor
  • Parisat

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