Today pharmacies offer various new services to their customers. In addition to traditional pharmaceuticals, they also offer homeopathic remedies and other healthcare products. Customers can request advice from their pharmacists and have pharmacists take blood pressure and body fat percentage tests. Intensifying competition makes using solutions that increase customer numbers and sales efficiency indispensable. The solutions offered by MULTIMEX assist users in these areas.

MULTIMEX offers the following main solutions to pharmacies

  • comfortable waiting and service environment through the Q-FUSION system
  • segmented (VIP) customer management using the Q-FUSION system
  • wide range of online information and statistics for the management through the Q-FUSION system
  • efficient means for providing information to customers and displaying advertisements on LCD monitors and interactive devices using the Q-MONITOR module
  • survey and processing of customer feedback using the Q-FEEDBACK module
  • integrated solutions with pharmacy systems (MULTIMEX solutions are integrated and have a proven track record with the most popular Hungarian pharmacy systems (NOVODATA, Lx-Line, Quadro Byte))

Our solutions are used at the following pharmacies

  • 7 Korona Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Alma Pharmacy Campona, Budapest
  • Alma Pharmacy, Eger
  • Angyal Pharmacy, Tata
  • Arany Sas Pharmacy, Pécs
  • Aranyhíd Pharmacy, Balatonfüred
  • Assisi Szent Ferenc Pharmacy, Szeged
  • Árkád Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Árpád Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Belvárosi Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Benkő Pharmacy, Jánoshalma
  • Béke Pharmacy, Dunaújváros
  • Bútorgyári Pharmacy, Veszprém
  • Csontváry Pharmacy, Miskolc
  • Csillaghegy Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Dózsavárosi Pharmacy, Veszprém
  • Elixír Pharmacy, Berettyóújfalu
  • EVTAL MOM Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Horizont Pharmacy, Ajka
  • Ida Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Inczeffy Pharmacy, Göd
  • Kamilla Pharmacy, Győr
  • Kárpát Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Kígyó Pharmacy, Dunaújváros
  • Kígyó Pharmacy, Szigetszentmiklós
  • Levendula Pharmacy, Békés
  • Medicina Pharmacy, Dunaújváros
  • Medicina Pharmacy, Sopron
  • Oroszlán Pharmacy, Bicske
  • Páduai Szent Antal Pharmacy, Ózd
  • Regina Pharmacy, Szigetszentmiklós
  • Remíz Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Somfa Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Szebellédy Pharmacy, Sopron
  • Széchenyi Pharmacy, Szolnok
  • Szent Anna Pharmacy, Várpalota
  • Szent István Pharmacy, Ráckeve
  • Szent Sebestyén Pharmacy, Nagykovácsi
  • Szivárvány Pharmacy, Budaörs
  • Tátorján Pharmacy, Balatonkenese
  • Thököly Pharmacy, Jászberény
  • Unipharma - Budaörs Tesco Pharmacy, Budaörs
  • Unipharma - Mamut Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Unipharma - WestEnd Pharmacy, Budapest
  • Zalai Gondviselés Pharmacy, Zalaegerszeg
  • Zöld Kereszt Pharmacy, Budapest

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